Monday, March 26, 2012

A closer look at strace's output

01:20:00.727079 recv(-1345034744, 01:20:00.727768 write(24, "338", 301:20:00.728785 SYS_224(0x3adfa8, 0x40025730, 0xa, 0x45006f40) = 0xccd000
01:20:00.729827 recv(-1345034744, 0x81, 1, MSG_OOB) = 1
"", 2, 0) = 0

I took a closer look at strace's output, and it seems like the incomplete lines are due to concurrency issues. For example, look at the first line; it was cut off by another line ("01:20:00.727768 write") before it reached the end.

OK, I am going to send an email to strace-devel email list. Hopefully, I don't have to fix this issue myself.

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